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And Here’s… Gerald

September 28, 2011

I’m beginning to make some progress in the book, though that’s not to say I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Rhett yet.  I had foolishly thought, “Oh, I won’t update the blog on Sunday with the hope that I read more of the book and finally get to know Rhett.”  Well, the good news is that I read more of the book.

You know who I have met?  Gerald O’Hara, Scarlet’s father.  Things to note: he’s short, he’s Irish, he speaks with an Irish brogue.  You may think I’ve just described a leprechaun and, to be honest, that might be exactly how I picture him.  A leprechaun on horseback, leaping over fences and having personality traits that are similar to Scarlet’s.

There’s some type of analysis to be had there, I’m sure.  Do you think this turns Oedipal (Wikipedia tells me the female version is called the Electra complex) and Rhett turns out to be exactly like Gerald.

So, take this update as proof of my progress.  Maybe next time, I’ll be able to confirm Rhett’s status as a leprechaun.

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