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Excuse #21 Why I Haven’t Been Making Any Progress

October 5, 2011

Well, let’s get this out of the way: it’s a long book.  It’s a long and slow moving book.  To the point where, when I think about reading it, I simultaneously think of a list of other things I could be reading and choose one of those instead.  New York Times Magazine food issue, anyone?  Did anyone else read that, see the recipe for homemade ketchup, and have to convince themselves that 2:30am is definitely not the appropriate time to make it (plus, the grocery store is most certainly closed)?

 All I’m saying is that, if Gone with the Wind had a recipe for homemade ketchup, I’d be much more inclined to read it.  Does it count if some of the things I’ve read in lieu of the book were written by Pulitzer winning journalists?  On that note, does watching All the President’s Men  count as being Pulitzer-related?  Because, if it does, then I’m right on track.

 Here’s the take-home point: if you’re looking for something that takes its time to develop and doesn’t introduce main characters until over 100 pages in (or maybe more – that remains to be seen), then you definitely want to pick up your very own copy of Gone with the Wind.  If not, then I highly recommend the food issue of the New York Times Magazine.  And you might want to have cloves on hand.  They go in ketchup.

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